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Analysis and Meaning of Metaphysical, Romantic, and Negritude Poetry


Analysis and Meaning of Metaphysical, Romantic and Negritude Poetry will be covered in this blog post and poems related to the title will be analysed.

Note that, poetry can be classified as on various categories in which point of view is one of them. Hence, poetry forms according to point of view include;

  • Metaphysical Poetry
  • Romantic poetry and
  • Negritude

What is Poetry?

Poetry is the study if poems, commonly poetry is expressed in lines. The smallest unit of expression in poetry is the line

Meaning, Characteristics and Analysis of Metaphysical Poetry

The metaphysical poetry is a poetry form according to point of view. The message of focus is often planned to teach wisdom or the right things through wise arguments (i.e metaphysical conceits).

The imageries commonly used by metaphysical poets are much real and plain to understand. This is unlike the imageries of the romantic poets which are more of classical allusions and predominantly passionate (i.e containing either a strong feeling of hate, anger or love).

On this note, the metaphysical poets by nickname are called altruists (i.e people who consider the interest of others first and foremost in their poetic message).

Metaphysical poems are commonly written incorporating traditional verse, rhyme or rhythm elements and figures of speech. For instance, a metaphysical poem can be in sonnet, couplet, quartrain, blank verse and other verse forms.

Most lines of metaphysical poems can be found to contain alternate or heroic rhyme schemes.

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Meaning, Characteristics and Analysis of Romantic Poetry

The romantic poetry is also poetry form according to point of view. The message of focus is commonly twin-based. Primarily, romantic poets will illustrate beauty, holiness, attractiveness of the various aspects of nature, (i.e everything created by God including the day-to-day behaviour of human beings) to their fellowmen.

Having done this, the romantic poets will now enjoin their fellowmen to share their opinions or beliefs in respect of the specific nature aspect discussed. Literally, most romantic poets have nicknamed nature’s poets.

Like its metaphysical poetry counterpart, the romantic poetry is often written with the incorporation of traditional verse, rhythm or rhyme elements and figures of speech. For example, romantic poem can be in couplet, quartrain, Spensarain stanza, sonnet, the blank verse or other verse forms.

In most romantic poems, the use of end rhyme schemes such as the heroic couplet and alternate rhyme is common.

Mostly, the romantic poets fondly make use of a lot of classical allusions and private (i.e less common) imageries as well as a clearly placed contrast to lay out their messages. On this note, most romantic poems are usually passionate (i.e to express strong personal feelings of either hate, anger or love).

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Meaning, Characteristics and Analysis of Negritude Poetry

The negritude poetry is another poetry form according to point of view. The negritude poetry was evolved by African poets in the African countries formerly colonized by France.

The term negritude is a word meaning totally African. So, negritude poems are always written as praises to the traditional African ways of life in place in Africa before the European colonisation. Therefore, the negritude poetry is similar to romantic poetry in every way because the two forms share similar characteristics.

However, the negritude poetry can be described as an extreme romantic form. This is because the tone of expression in all negritude poems is usually sentimental (i.e to refuse to agree that what we are praising has its good as well as its bad qualities).

Apart from this, mood of negritude poets are usually offensive (i.e having feelings of being seriously cheated or offended). In view of the above made expressions, it is common to find negritude poems stating that traditional African ways of life is better and more preferable to French culture. Yet the French culture is more practical, fashionable and modern than the traditional African ways of life.

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