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Analysis of the Settings of Ngugi Wa Thiong ‘O’s The Black Hermit pdf

The Settings and Points of Views in Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s The Black Hermit will be discussed in full in this post.

NB: At the end of the post, Settings of the Black Hermit will be provided in pdf download format in other to study later.


Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s The Black Hermit is a tragedy. The play’s storyline dramatises how the Kenyan elites and politicians who took over from the British Colonial master at independence in 1964; betrayed the hopes of the Kenyan masses.

Settings of Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s The Black Hermit

The settings will be discussed in three areas, which includes; Physical settings, Social settings and Psychological settings.

Physical Setting of Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s The Black Hermit

Physically, Ngugi Wa Thiong’O set The Black Hermit in two backgrounds.

One is in the Kenyan capital city.

This is suggested by the fact that Remi the hero of the play runs from the village to the city to work in an oil company. Really, administrative offices of big companies are established in a country's capital city.

The second physical background setting of the play is in the village of Marua.

This is clear because most events of the play take place there.

At the time of the setting of the play, the common man of Kenya was still full of bitterness against the Europeans for depriving them of their land during the colonial period.

This is why the most basic need of the common man in Kenya is to own farmland, after independence.

The people of Kenya as illustrated by the Marua tribe in the play do not believe that Christianity should replace their cultural heritage.

Of course, they often regarded Christians as traitors and lazy fellows. This they do in the belief that Christianity is the divide and rule method used by the British to break their unity, seized their farmland, before colonising them.

At independence in 1964, only the majority tribes in Kenya were represented in government.

Most Kenya tribes like the Marua tribe of Remi, the hero of the play, were neglected in terms of programmes of development.

Of course this is why the Elders of Marua tribe want Remi to resign his work with the oil company in the city, to come home and contest election, so as to enable Marua tribe to have a representative in the government.

Social Setting of Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s The Black Hermit

Socially, The Black Hermit was set when Kenya elites used to regard Kenya’s cultural heritage as practice of barbarism.

Remi's initial rejection of his marriage to Thoni under the culture of inheritance of a widow gives illustration.

Similarly, the play was set when Kenya elites and politicians used to regard the cry of Kenya minority tribes against neglect, as tribalism.

An illustration of this is Remi's description of Marua people's wish for a representation in Kenya's government as tribalism.

The play was set when the white races in Kenya, in spite of Kenya’s independence, were still discriminating against Africans.

One can illustrate this with the newspaper story that an Asian girl was disgraced by her people for be friending an African.

The play was set when Kenyan Christians were of the belief that politics and African culture were abominations.

An illustration of this is the Pastor's constant discouragement of Nyobi and Thoni from association with Marua elders.

Psychological Settings

Psychological settings deal with the analysis of the behavior of characters in a literary work of art. That is, it is the analysis of characters.

Hence, this will be outlined characters by character under characterisation. 👇👇


Analysis of the Characters in Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s Black Hermit.

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