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Characters in The Lion and the Jewel – Wole Soyinka

Characters in the Lion and the Jewel will be analysed in this post

Introduction to the Characters in the Lion and the Jewel

The principal characters The Lion And The Jewel by Wole Soyinka are:

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  1. Lakunle
  2. Sidi
  3. Baroka and
  4. Sadiku.

Their character-traits are as illustrated below in full;

Lakunle character in the Lion and The Jewel

  • He is a major character in the play.
  • He is the pupil teacher of llujinle Primary School.
  • He is the only educated fellow at llujinle.
  • He represents the early class of educated Africans.
  • He cuts the picture of an half baked educated fellow.
  • He is an over critical character (i.e. illustrate with how he always finds fault in all Sidi’s action).
  • He is an hermit (i.e. illustrate with how he is advocating for the eradication of marriage bride-price which is an important cultural heritage cherished by the people).
  • He is an unromantic and tactless character (i.e. illustrate with how he does not know more than abusing Sidi whenever she resolutely says bride-price must be paid to her parents for her to marry Lakunle).
  • He is a heady and disrespectful character (i.e. illustrate with how he always abuse the ruler and citizens of llujinle in one fell swoop, as babaric and uncivilized. -He is a jealous character (illustrate with how he accuses Sidi of displaying the curves of her breasts to other eyes, apart from his, to see, in how she folds her wrapper round her chest).
  • He is a suicidal and boastful character (i.e. illustrate with how he always vows to deal with or kill Baroka. A case of an ordinary lazy fellow boasting to deal with a whole ruler of his community.
  • He is a male chauvinist (i.e. illustrate with how he always fakes Sidi that the female is called the weaker sex because her brain is small).
  • He is a feeble-minded goof (i.e. illustrate with how he does not act fast in preventing Sidi from going to mock Baroka’s “fake sexual impotence”
  • He is an opportunist (i.e. illustrate with his promise to marry Sidi without bride-price, after Sidi has lost her virginity to Baroka.

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Sidi character in The Lion and The Jewel

  • Sidi is another major character of this play.
  • She is a beautiful girl of 18 years.
  • In fact she is the one called “the jewel” in the play because of her beauty. -She is an advocate ofcultural heritage preservation (i.e. illustrate with how she refuses to marry Lakunle without a bride-price payment
  • She is an analytical character(i.e. illustrate with how she used an aphorism to advise Lakunle to leave llujinle, if he cannot live with the bushy people of the village.
  • She is feeble-minded(i.e. illustrate with how she carries her beauty too far).
  • She is an irrational character (i.e. illustrate with how her decision to go and mock Baroka for becoming sexually impotence is too hasty).
  • She is a naive character (i.e. illustrate with how she is supposed to have rushed back home from Baroka’s palace, immediately Baroka describes her as an unwanted visitor. But Sidi naively stays on and gets ruined).

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Baroka character in the Lion and the Jewel

  • He another major character of this play.
  • He is the ruler of llujinle village.
  • He is brave, strong, wise and cunning. Hence, he is also called the Lion Of llujinle or the Fox.
  • He is a lustful character (i.e. illustrate with how he always tricks young virgins to keep as concubines every five months).
  • He is a deceifful character (i.e. illustrate with how he and Sadiku use the trick of a sudden sexual impotence to deceive and trap Sidi into his bed).
  • He is a male-chauvinist (i.e. illustrate with how he treats Ailatu the Favourite wife with disregard, when he tells her that a new wife will replace her that evening.
  • He is an egocentric character (i.e. illustrate with how he bungled llujinle Railway Project because its benefit is not meant for him only).
  • He is a pretender (i.e. illustrate with how he first treats Sidi as an unwanted visitor. in his palace, when actually he is happy to see her).
  • He is a cunning and tactical character (i.e. illustrate with how he arranges to make everyone in his palace to keep away, as he expects Sidi, so that Sidi will not be suspicious of his intention).
  • He is a criminal (i.e. illustrate with how he keeps a printing machine for government postage stamps, in the palace).

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Sadiku character  in The Lion and The Jewel

  • She is the senior wife of Baroka.
  • She is about 70 years old.
  • She was the last favourite wife of Baroka’s father called Okiki.
  • She was inherited by custom by Baroka, as first wife, when he became the Bale of llujinle.
  • She is a real soul mate with Baroka especially on Baroka’s sexual desire to be keeping young virgins as concubines, at the interval of five months (i.e. illustrate with how she never advised Baroka on how bad his sexual desire is).
  • She is a clever character (i.e. illustrate with how she quickly invents the message of invitation to supper from Baroka to Sidi, when thereal message of marriage proposal fails).
  • She is also a trickster (i.e. illustrate with how she uses a carved image of Baroka as a sexually impotent man to trick Sidi to go and mock Baroka).
  • She is a saddist (i.e. illustrate with how she remarks that Sidi should not worry about how she lost her virginity to Baroka, simply because she too lost her own that way).

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