Dagizah – Networth, Biography and Career in 2022.

Daguzah biography and net worth will be shared in this blogpost.

Dagizah – Networth, Biography and Career in 2022

Dagizah goes by the real name Abubakar Abdullahi but to actualize his ambition he had to rename himself.

In this blog post, we shall take you on a journey through Dagizah biography, education, career and success story.

In a conversation with Campus Vibes, Dagizah disclosed how he transits from being a footballer to being signed by Grammy-nominated singer, song writer and music executive Bankulli.


Abubakar Abdullahi known as dagizah was born into the family of six in which he is the sixth, this shows that he’s the last born. He was born and raised in Abeokuta area of Ogun state, Nigeria.

According to him, he said his late mother was a food seller, while his father was a cleric. He said further, that growing up was hard but has a street boy he had to fend for himself.


According to his main profile on Facebook, we were able to gather that, he was born on the May 7, 1996.


Our campus reporter was able to gather that, Abdullahi Abubakar (DAGIZAH) studied at Federal College of Education and graduated in the year 2021.


In an interview with Vanguard news. He disclosed that, he was formally recognized as Bupato, a nicknamed that he carved for himself because of his love for football but as time goes on, Dagizah came into the scene.

“I came about Dagizah in a funny way when I was trying to create an email years ago and that was what came to my mind first. Ever since then, I have been going by the name, DAGIZAH”

He said

He said further, that he developed interest and passion for/in football at a tender age, hence, he represented his school team during inter/intra school competition. In other to brace up his football skill, he joined a football team (SAMBA FC).

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However, his stay at Samba F.C didn’t last long as he couldn’t meet up with the training fee required during every training session

“I didn’t get enough time because I couldn’t match up with those people who have money to pay”.



He acknowledged his elder brother as a strong, great and positive influence on his music career as he used to buy CDs of Usher and Saheed Osupa. Hence, he became a great fan of the two musical artist and from there his love began to grow for music.

I would say my lack of money to keep on training with that football club and my brother’s love for music rubbing off on me made my transition from football to music.

Inorder to keep up with music, he began to perform in school as a student of Federal College of Education, Abeokuta. This gave him the priviledge to perform alongside, Danny S the Ege crooner in 2018 and Zeenolisky in 2019 during the student Union week of Federal College of Education, Abeokuta.

The feat he has seen so far made Ibitoye Okedara aka (Chippy Muller) the CEO of Chippy Records to sign him t his record label in 2019. Ever since, DAGIZAH had been dropping jam upon jam.

His success in Chippy records marks the beginning of his limelight as he meets Abu Abel and Bankulli through the help of his record label (Chippy record) boss, Ibitoye Okedara. He described Bankulli as a legend and also referred to him as his “industry daddy”

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Dagizah described his music style as a fusion of the “foreign sound” and our own indigenous sound.

He his of the opinion that anybody can become somebody in life.

“I want to show the world that a local boy can become a global star”.


Currently Dagizah has over 10 singles and collaboration to his credit, this includes;


Oyojo ft Chinko Ekun

Aanu ft Diamond Jimma

and lot more…

However, Dagizah showed the world that he has something to offer with the release of his sophomore E.P titled “Zero Your Mind

He described the E.P as a feel-good project to make people happy and serve as a “happy pill”

“I don’t usually feel happy when my music doesn’t go as far as I and my team had envisioned it to be”.

He advised, artist that, money shouldn’t be the primary reason for doing music but rather the zeal to pass the positive and right message across to fans.


As at the moment of writing this, we haven’t get his actual networth but however, we shall update it as soon as possible.

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