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I didn’t heed to his advice because I had already made up my mind to break my virginity and go the other way round. READ IN FULL…



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I am a Final year student of a popular and widely recognized university in Lagos Nigeria. I want to use this medium to share my experience or probably I should refer to it as my ordeal.

My fellow students’ not all glitters are gold
Back then in the hostel, I looked like the most miserable, everything about me looked awkward and outdated because I refused to do what my fellow female students were doing, not because I don’t like good things but I clearly understand the implications of what they are doing.
There are these group of rich young guys who always come to school to pick girls with their exotic cars.

Blessing who happens to be my roommate would always persuade me to hang out with them. Blessing was popularly referred to as hottie hottie because of her posh and flashy lifestyle, also she was using the latest iPhone. In short, Blessing was very rich because of those guys addressed as the Gee guys or Yahoo boys who always shower her with lots of money and expensive gift.
The persuasion of Blessing became severe the very first day those boys saw both of us together. One of them tried having a conversation with but I didn’t give him the attention. Blessing ahead to give him my WhatsApp number, where the boy in question would always disturb me with calls and romantic messages both on WhatsApp and normal text messages. He sent many gifts to me through Blessing which I always honourably rejected. My roommates Amaka, who were of the same class and perception about socialism with Blessing would call me names like sister Mary, holy Nweje, Kabasher all because I declined their offer to join their clique. They would always make jest and make mockery of me in the room.


One day my phone fell into ta bucket of water and got damaged, all my effort to get it repaired is to no avail. I was still contemplating on how to tell my parents that the new phone they bought for me has damaged, when Cynthia unveiled her new iphone 12 pro max, Cynthia was just a 100level student who recently joined us in the room. Her status challenged me immediately she joined Blessing and her cohort. Her yahoo boy friends who were also referred to as Gee boys must have been taking very good care of her. When I called my father to tell him of the current status of my phone, he was very upset but promised to buy another one for me whenever he is capable of doing so.
A week later, he sent a new Itel Android phone to me which was a bit bigger than the one I was using. To be candid, I was not happy. I was expecting a bigger one or probably an iPhone, here I know that I’ve been getting influenced by people around me.

Soon, my monthly pocket money could not reach me as expected again. I wanted to be living big like Blessing and Cynthia; always cooking with chicken, always subscribing my phone, buying expensive clothes and accessories. I tried competing with them. The more I tried to compete with them, the more they beat me. When I could not beat them, I decided to join them.

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When I told Blessing my intention, she never knew I was serious until I dressed up that evening to follow her. Few minutes after we came out of the hostel, two guys alighted from their Lexus 350 and picked us. After eating and drinking in their apartment that night, one of them asked me to come over to his room. Of course I knew what was going to happen and I was ready for it. When I retired to his bed, he started by kissing and caressing my body.

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All of a sudden, he stopped and left me on the bed. Few minutes later, he came back and started asking me questions about myself. After much questions, we both came to know that we came from the same state and probably the same town. He even knew my village but refused to tell me his. He told me that he stopped touching me when he saw that I was still a virgin and wanted to know more about me and why I chose that kind of life. That night, he gave me N20,000 and advised me to stop following GEE boys. He dropped a statement saying, ‘If girls knew what we (Yahoo boys) do with them they would never follow us no matter what we offer to them. When he said this, I thought he was trying to say that they will still dump us for other girls or that they (Yahoo boys) will not marry us after sleeping with us, but I was totally wrong. I thought that all these was just because I was still a virgin and also because we eventually hail from the same place, I didn’t heed to his advice because I had already made up my mind to break my virginity and go the other way round. I left the following morning with Blessing but never told her what happened. I only begged her never to take me to that guy again, besides there were many other GEE guys in town.

Few days later, I followed Blessing, Cynthia and two other girls from our school to a night party in the town. Blessing introduced us to these rich and young looking guys. We partied with them after which they drove us to their apartment. Truly, these boys were living large. Their house was beautiful that I felt like not leaving again, they chose us one after another after which we retired to their different rooms, but the guys were still at the sitting room drinking and smoking.

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To be continued in Part 2

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It’s no longer a piece of news that Unilorin has started the sale of her post utme form and also the commencement of the registration for the screening exercise. However, there have been a lot of difficulties encountered during registration and we will try to answer so of the questions disturbing your minds. The campusvibes team have tried their possible best to provide answers to some of the problems. Some of the difficulties are:

Difficulty : During my registration, the portal selected my 4 subjects for my O’ evel required subjects. I will love to know if I am safe.

Solution : Yes, you are safe. You don’t have to panic. It shows that you don’t have complete required O’ level. This is nothing yo worry much about but just that the grading of O’ level result as 20% might affect your grading a bit and that is why you need to put more effort in your post utme.

Difficulty : I have been trying to access the portal but it’s to no avail. I don’t know if the portal is still on.

Solution : Yes, the portal is now back to normal. That which is expected of you is to go ahead with your registration without delay as the portal might be disabled again at anytime due to technical issues. This can be as a result of lots of students trying to access the portal for registration.

Difficulty : I made mistake in my data supplied on the school portal, what can I do?

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Solution : You are lucky since the portal is still on, you can go ahead to change your details carefully.

Difficulty : I have been trying to get the verification code since all this while but it is not working out.

Solution : Relax and wait for your verification code. The delay is possibly due to technical issues which will soon be resolved by the school.

Difficulty : I made mistake(s) on my O’level exam number and grades, what can I do?

Solution : Relax yourself and just login into your portal and correct the details as soon as possible before the portal closes down completely.

Difficulty : I couldn’t meet the cut off mark for my department/course, can I still continue or I should change course?

Solution : As far UNILORIN is concerned, please change your course. Don’t go and forfeit your admission. Just change your course on both school portal and jamb portal.

Difficulty : My name on jamb portal doesn’t correlate with that on school portal. What can I do?

Solution : Go and change the wrong one on either portal on which it was wrongly spelt because it will affect you later.

Difficulty : I don’t have an important subject(mathematics /English) in my O’ level and so I thought of doing the forthcoming NECO gce /waec gce and so I will apply for the post utme with Awaiting Result(AR). I will love to know if I am safe.

Solution : No you are not safe, it’s advisable you have your complete O’ level before applying for the post utme as by the time the gce result for the either exam body will be released, UNILORIN would have closed portal and admission might have begun by then. It’s advisable you change to another institution whose postutme form is yet to be released or apply for unilorin again next year.

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The above are some of the difficulties encountered by many 2021/2022 aspirants of unilorin. It worth noting that the proffered solutions are provided to assist aspirants from being misguided or misled. All the correction that can actually be done on the portal are still on till December 10 tentatively.

We believe that this has been helpful, you can always visit our web for updates at You can help in sharing this to help save a soul and also update the soul. Trust the Campusvibes team for confirmed updates. Try to share as information is life and can make the world go round.

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A Final year student commits suicide over carry over

A Final Year student identified as Oshokoya Damilola Ayomikun of the popular and prestigious University of Education in Ogun State, Tai Solarin. Allegedly committed suicide.



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A Final Year student identified as Oshokoya Damilola Ayomikun of the popular and prestigious University of Education in Ogun State, Tai Solarin, who recently completed her final year examination, has allegedly committed suicide.

It was gathered by our news (Campusvibes) men on campus that Ayomikun, who was a student of Adult Education, died after taking a poisonous substance suspected to be Sniper.

However, details of the incident were still unclear as of the time of this report, the purpose of taking her own life is associated to a carry over, which resulted to extra year

The institution’s Students’ Union Government’s President, Rabiu Sodiq, in a statement shared online, confirmed the incident and advised students against taking their own life regardless of the situations they may find themselves in.

Oshokoya Damilola Ayomikun

He wrote,

“Moments ago, we received very disheartening news about Miss Ayomikun Deborah (Graduate of Adult Education 2019/2020 set) who took her own life because of a possible extra year.

Dear TASUEDites, when you feel like giving up, just remember the reason you held on for so long. The person who commits suicide dies once but those he or she leaves behind die a thousand times while relieving those terrible moments.

We all need to come to the understanding that taking our own lives is not about us alone.

“Do we still need to ring the bell that some lives are attached to ours for survival and destiny fulfilment? What happens to all these people when we take our own lives?

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“Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse neither does it eliminate the possibility of it getting any better. When there is life, there is hope. Please stay strong at all times and speak to someone if the need arises.

Gradually, suicide is becoming the easiest way to escape pain and hardship, as every one see it as the shortest part. However, do not forget that suicide is a sin.

In conclusion, taking one’s life is never an option, as a popular adage says, when there’s life; there’s hope.

Helen kelller once said, Do not give up when you still have something to give, nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying

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